Nothing prompts a long and intimate conversation with a friend as well as an emotional entanglement of some kind. We all have lots to say, share and dissect when we’re excited, frustrated or annoyed about a person in our lives.

The natural and even healthy tendency to discuss our emotional lives can cause problems, though, when that discussion is carried out on FaceBook, Twitter or another form of social media. Why? Social media:

  • Provides a record in the event of litigation
  • Reaches many more people than on a face-to-face conversation

Usually you are safe, legally, if you just share an opinion such as “my ex is a jerk”. Legal issues can arise, though, when you tell a falsehood such as “my ex doesn’t pay child support” or “my ex stole our 401(k).” In general, it’s best to avoid venting via social media before, during and after a divorce. If nothing else, wild and emotional written statements can come across badly when presented in court and in hearings.

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