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Helping Those Struggling with Debt Since 1992

Located in Dallas, the law firm of Fuller & Eason is dedicated to helping clients who find themselves struggling with debt. No matter whether this stems from medical bills, credit card debt, or even a lost a job, you can trust in the experience of our Dallas bankruptcy attorneys. Our very own Attorney Roger Fuller has been Board Certified in bankruptcy law since 1993. As a legal specialist, our firm is afforded a comprehensive understanding of the law that is difficult to come by!

We are proud to help clients with all types of cases:

At Fuller & Eason, we pride ourselves on putting the law to work for our clients. When you contact our firm, you can rest assured knowing we will work with you to help you find an effective solution for your debt. In some cases, we will be able to help you with filing for bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, and in other cases we will be able to work with you with viable strategies against foreclosure.

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With decades of legal experience, our firm has built a strong reputation for competence, professionalism, and experience in the bankruptcy field. We know how much is at stake when you are facing debt, and we will do everything we can to help you emerge from your case more financially stable than ever. When you enlist our firm to help with your bankruptcy, you are guaranteed:

  • Top-notch legal representation
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  • Legal advice from certified and experienced attorneys

When we take on a new client, it is always our goal to sit down and talk to them about their personal situation, and then tailor our approach to their circumstances. We can thus provide top-notch help at affordable rates.

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